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How did my child get worms?

If your child gets worms, it is not a reflection of how clean your house or family is.

Your child can catch threadworms if they accidentally get worm eggs on their hands and then swallow them. This commonly happens when they come into contact with another person who has worms, such as another child.

However, it can also occur indirectly, for example if your child’s hands have come into contact with objects contaminated with worm eggs.

While good personal hygiene and thorough house cleaning are important, they will not be able to stop a threadworm outbreak alone.

How are worms spread?

Worms are highly contagious, and anyone can be affected.

All it takes is for your child to put his or her contaminated fingers in their mouth after scratching their bottom or touching items with worm eggs, and the worm infection cycle begins.

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Worms aren’t fussy about who they infect

As threadworm is so contagious, they can spread easily in homes, schools, day-care centres, and other places where there are likely to be groups of people, especially children.

School-aged children are particularly susceptible to catching worms, as they often share things like food, pencils, books or toys. Any of these items can carry tiny, almost invisible worm eggs.

If one person in your family has a threadworm infection, then it’s likely that the rest of the family does too.


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